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Leading Home Security System Installation and Monitoring

A Metrowest residential alarm system for your home allows you to walk through your door with the confidence and peace of mind that your home is being kept safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That's what Metrowest is all about: ensuring that your house is secure whether you are there or not. That peace of mind frees you from worries about intruders, theft or fire.

Metrowest customers choose our state-of-the-art perimeter systems to protect their homes and themselves. Because each customer's needs are unique, we offer a variety of security systems to protect your home. Sensors are usually the "front line" of Metrowest Security Systems.

Need protection for your business? Commercial Security Systems are also available.

Your Metrowest Security System may consist of any of the following components:

  • Door and Window Switches:  
    Not only do our sensors warn you of a break-in, they also tell you which window or door is open when you try to arm your system  
  • Alarm Screens:
    Like to have your windows open, but still keep your home secure? Our security screens replace the existing ones, but if they are removed or cut, your alarm will activate
  • Motion Detectors:
    While a perimeter system is your first line of defense, interior motion detectors act as a second level of security. They sound the alarm when they detect a person moving .
  • Pet-immune Motion Detectors:
    Dogs or cats? No problem! Our pet-immune motion detectors are set to ignore animals, but will activate if a human crosses their fields of view.
  • Glass-Breakage Sensors:  
    These devices react to the sounds of breaking glass.   They are precisely tuned to ignore all other, background noises .
  • Smoke and/or Heat Detectors:  
    These will react if there are indications of a fire, just like the smoke alarms you should already have. The difference is that Metrowest's detectors will alert our monitoring station.
  • Wireless Sensors:  
    All of the sensors listed above are also available in wireless versions.   With wireless sensors, a small, but powerful, radio signal sends an alarm

Low-Voltage Cabling

Homes and offices are filled with electronic systems such as telephones, televisions, intercoms, computers and security systems. These all require lots of wires that need to be specified, pulled and connected. Pre-wiring during construction is the best way to build your electronic systems, and Metrowest Security is the company to do the job.

When we pre-wire your home or workplace, we use state-of-the-art materials and meet your construction schedule. Our custom-designed wiring will answer all of your needs and desires.

When Metrowest finishes your pre-wiring, your home or office will be ready for all your communications for years to come.

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