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Metrowest Security and Alarm Monitoring Services... Always On!

Metrowest Alarm Monitoring Service is on duty every hour of every day. No exceptions. Our state-of-the-art central monitoring station is staffed by highly trained operators that know what to do when your system sends an alert.  

When your alarm is activated, the signal identifies you, as well as the nature and location of your emergency. Depending on the emergency, our central station personnel will attempt to contact you, then alert the appropriate authorities, whether police, fire or medical emergency teams, to immediately report to your home or business.

The men and women who staff our alarm monitoring center are extensively trained to provide efficient, curtious customer service, and are proficient at handling every type of emergency scenario. All telephone calls are recorded for your protection and to ensure quality service.  

Our central station uses the most advanced monitoring technology to ensure the best service and reliability. State-of-the art computers and sophisticated monitoring software identify incoming alarms, and assist the operators in quickly and efficiently handling your signal and notifying the proper authorities.

In addition to receiving signals through the telephone system, our alarm monitoring station can receive alerts via long-range radio and the Internet.

Dual, redundant computers ensure there are no interruptions in handling your alarms. The telephone service is also redundant, with two power supplies and two central processing units.

In the event of a power failure, we have back-up systems in place, including battery-operated, uninterrupted power supply systems and generators.

Certified by Underwriter Laboratories and Factory Mutual, the two leading agencies for consumer products and services, our central monitoring station is capable of operating throughout most natural disasters.   In the event the center is unable to operate, a comparable facility in Texas steps in seamlessly and takes over monitoring.

In addition to our normal fire and security alarm monitoring, we also offer the following enhanced features:

  • Supervised Monitoring: This includes opening and closing signals that are sent when your alarm system is armed and disarmed. In a commercial setting, this allows business owners to monitor their employees, and to insure that the system is being used regularly. These opening and closing signals can identify the particular user and be tied to a schedule that allows us to notify a business owner of any irregularities. In addition, a detailed report can be sent on a regular basis by mail or e-mail.
  • Back-up Monitoring: Most alerts are sent via a telephone, which can be vulnerable to outages or tampering. Our systems can be connected to a redundant cell phone or a radio transmitter, thus providing alternative methods for sending alarms.
  • Specialized Monitoring: We can provide monitoring for various special conditions such as environmental changes (temperature, water detection); manufacturing processes, etc.

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