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Commercial Security System Installation and Monitoring for your Business

Like residential alarms, commercial security systems protect property as well as people. They are mainly designed to protect your assets from burglary, vandalism, and employee theft.

Because businesses have different needs from homeowners, our commercial security systems can include the following added features:

  • Owners can be alerted when the system is armed and disarmed, when employees enter and leave, when deliveries are made. A detailed report can be sent to you on a regular basis.
  • Our commercial security systems can be partitioned, so that employees in one area can keep working, while another is closed and the alarm system remains armed.
  • Perishable or sensitive assets--wine, frozen foods, or computer rooms--can be protected by commercial alarm systems that alert both you and the monitoring service when the temperature reaches a pre-determined threshold.
  • Security Card access systems can be integrated directly into Metrowest alarm systems.   They prevent unauthorized entry through doors, and record all activity.
  • Metrowest camera security systems can be set up to show cash-register totals at the same time a sale is rung up. That way, owners can ensure that employees are ringing sales accurately. Metrowest Camera Security Systems can also monitor for shoplifting and employee theft.
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